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  • Preliminary Notice
  • Notice of Intent to Lien
  • Monthly Notice
  • Lien Waiver

What is a preliminary notice
and why did I get one?

The purpose of this document is to provide visibility into who is working on a job. Preliminary notices are often sent by contractors and suppliers to the GC, property owner, and other project stakeholders.

Receiving a preliminary notice is a common occurrence and does not indicate that there are payment problems on the job. Many states require that contractors send these documents for the benefit of the recipient.

What is a notice of intent
and why did I get one?

Receiving a notice of intent to lien indicates that a contractor or supplier on a construction project has not been paid and is considering filing a mechanics lien. By sending this document before filing a lien, the sender is giving you or other parties on the job a chance to resolve the payment dispute before a lien is filed.

To resolve a dispute, scroll to the top of this page and enter your email & reference number. You will be able to communicate with the sender to clear up the dispute.

What is a monthly notice
and why did I get one?

Some states require that contractors and suppliers send monthly notices to notify project stakeholders of outstanding invoices or payment applications.

This document does not necessarily indicate payment problems on the job.

What is a lien waiver
and why did I get one?

Lien waivers are constantly exchanged on construction projects. They are usually sent by subcontractors and suppliers to the general contractor and other parties at the top of a job like the property owner or lender. GCs frequently request that the parties hired to work on a job provide waivers.

Signing a lien waiver waives lien rights as described in the waiver.

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