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Wendy Hilton

Now, I know we’re going to be paid and on time. If not, we know we have steps to take and people behind us to help us take those steps. It’s very reassuring now. I don’t have to worry anymore.”

Wendy Hilton, Concrete Related Products

There’s an easier way to collect payments

Protect your lien rights

Stop chasing down slow paying customers. Levelset helps you easily manage every step of the payment collection process to stay on top of lien notice requirements and urgent deadlines on every job.

Construction payment learning center

Never miss a task

Easily stay on top of all your paperwork. Get alerts when it’s time to send notices, releases, and other payment documents, and track when docs are sent and received.

Allie Holman

If I need a document, and I need to know exactly when it was sent and received, I can go look it up in Levelset. If you aren’t using Levelset, good luck tracking and following up on those actions.”

Ellie Holman, Holman Inc.

Excel at your job

Get legal advice from a community of construction experts so you never face a tough situation alone. Levelset’s team is here for you every step of the way with training, support, and resources on demand.

Become a payment hero

You don’t need a PhD in construction payment to get your company paid. Explore Levelset’s library of lien rights resources, payment guides, and contractor profiles to level up your expertise.

Maria Whitbrod

I’ve received more education in the last few years using Levelset than Google has ever taught me.”

Maria Whitbrod, Original Home Improvement Inc.

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