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Kimberly Fannin

Before we put the time and effort into estimating a big project, we can use Levelset to determine whether that contractor is someone we want to work with or not.”

Kimberly Fannin, Office Manager at Chabert Plumbing

Start your jobs with peace of mind

Prequalify contractors

Working with a new contractor? Before you start the job, review credit history with in-depth credit risk reports.

Determine payment reliability

View a contractor's payment history on their Payment Profile to see how reliably they pay their subs and suppliers.

Assess potential payment risks

Stay ahead of payment problems with alerts about real-time payment problems and payment actions.

Payment profiles detail contractor payment history and risk reports

Monitor contractors with Job Radar

Catch problems before they start

Receive real-time notifications when someone takes any payment action on a job you follow.

Gain more visibility

Get insights on liens filed, foreclosures, and other financial issues happening on a job so you can make data-driven decisions.

Monitor jobs & contractors 24/7

Receive suggestions about who to follow based on jobs you're already on according to your Levelset account.

Job Radar notifies you when people get paid on a job, waivers or bankruptcies are filed, and more

See everyone on the payment chain with Job Tree

Go beyond your own project information and gain visibility into every party on your job. With the help of Job Tree suggestions, you have the payment chain insights to ensure you send payment documents to the right people.

Job Tree suggests key stakeholders on your job so that you can add them to documents quickly and easily

Gain powerful insights to prequalify contractors with Risk Reports

Speed up the qualification process and assess potential payment risks using detailed credit reports, and the Levelset Payment Risk Score, which is calculated based on:

  • Past payment disputes
  • Average days to pay
  • Number of jobs started per month
  • Satisfaction ratings of past customers
Risk Reports break down contractor risk scores, growth, payment speed, disputes, ratings, and more

Find the best contractors, vendors, and jobs

The Levelset network helps you find the best companies in the industry, so you can rest assured you're working with trustworthy people.

  • Read verified reviews from other contractors
  • Reference an official Pay Score based on payment reliability
  • Share your own experiences to help others in our network
Payment Profiles show project and payment history, reviews, and allows you to share your own experiences with others

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