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Ensure quick payments and accurate waivers

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Collect sub-tier waivers with ease

Use a branded waiver portal

Your customers can access a list of their jobs from a unique link with your company branding, and request waivers fast.

Simplify the customer experience

Through the portal, customers can download past waivers or request new ones quickly and securely.

Centralized e-signature

Waiver requests are routed to your waiver inbox from the portal for an online signature and receipt tracking.

Waiver portal

Monitor payment actions happening on your jobs

Get notified when someone is about to file a lien, files for bankruptcy, or takes other drastic payment action on jobs.

  • Monitor jobs and contractors 24/7
  • Gain insights into financial issues
  • Learn when your customers are in a cash crunch
Job alerts, payment risk scores, and Payment Profiles

File notices of commencement and completion

Ensure notices have accurate information

Find and confirm the key party involvement and property information for notices of commencement using the Levelset Job Research database.

Manage and organize notices in one place

Use a centralized dashboard to see all jobs and notices you’ve filed.

Use accurate templates

Access the correct notice of commencement or completion form as required by the state in which you work.

Notice of completion

Simplify the payment application process

The pay app process can be complicated, but with Levelset, it doesn’t have to be. Request conditional lien waivers from your contractors and suppliers to keep payments moving quickly, and organize your pay apps in one place.

  • Use a standard pay application template
  • Fill out pay applications electronically and manage them centrally
  • Request waivers using a unique waiver portal link
Pay application

Find and prequalify subcontractors

The Levelset network helps you find the best companies in the industry, so you can rest assured you’re working with trustworthy people.

  • Read verified reviews from other contractors
  • Reference an official Pay Score based on payment reliability
  • Share your own experiences with payments to help others in the network
Contractor Payment Profile

Empower yourself with knowledge on payment best
practices so you can do your job with confidence

Levelset Payment Academy

Take free online courses covering lien waivers, mechanics liens, and other payment topics.

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Learning Center

Access comprehensive resources to learn how to file paperwork in specific states, how to review contracts, and more.

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Payment Professionals Community

Network with other credit managers and finance professionals, and learn how to advance in your career.

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Levelset Payment Academy, Learning Center, and Payment Professionals Community

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