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Lien Waiver Management

Exchange waivers easier.
Make payments faster.

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Louie Trujillo

When we see payments come in faster, it’s because with Levelset we’re no longer failing to submit our waivers. It’s a really simple process.”

Louie Trujillo, Director of Project Controls at CSI Electrical

Waivers that work

Illustration of lien waivers

Collaborate in one place to get a signature

Job Tree identifies vendors already on the job for you.

Involve every tier for full transparency

See where everything stands

Consolidate waivers in a centralized place

See all requested or incoming waivers in a unique waiver inbox, and use filters to easily search for past waivers and organize your files.

Send waivers in one click

Connect to accounts receivable data on jobs in Levelset to send waivers fast, and get paid even faster.

Create waivers quickly

Use a standardized Levelset template, create your own template, or simply drag and drop the info you need onto a PDF.

Illustration of the waiver inbox

Connect waivers to cash

Sync the waiver process with the payment process. As you exchange documents, make payments or accept payments through Levelset Pay or your other accounting software.

  • Automate necessary waiver actions
  • Enable ACH payments
  • Integrate with your other platforms
Procore, Quickbooks, and other pay and API integrations

Streamline your waiver requests

Use a branded waiver portal

Your customers can access a list of their jobs from a unique link with your company branding, and request waivers fast.

Simplify the customer experience

Through the portal, customers can download past waivers or request new ones quickly and securely.

Centralized e-signature

Waiver requests are routed to your waiver inbox from the portal for an online signature and receipt tracking.

Illustration of Levelset's waiver portal

Standardize your waiver forms

Make your business look more professional and ensure you’re using the correct forms based on state regulations where required.

  • Lawyer-approved templates for every state
  • Use your own forms or our templates
  • Predetermined filters based on job factors
Standardized PDFs, templates, and forms

Make informed decisions

Data insights about liens, vendors, and money owed on jobs

Real-time data insights

Receive notifications about payment actions occuring on jobs and gain insights about liens filed and other financial issues.

Learn the fundamentals of lien waiver management at Levelset's Payment Academy

Expert education and training

Access free, online courses on lien waiver fundamentals, mechanics lien basics, and credit management to help you and your team succeed.

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