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Sandra Beasly

Now, we’re protecting our payment rights better because we have everything set up correctly in Levelset, and all of our vital deadlines are tracked.”

Ellie Holman, Office Administrator at Holman Inc.

Leading subcontractors partner with Levelset to manage financial risk, simplify payment paperwork, and automate the lien rights process.

Speed up payments by sending the right paperwork, at the right time

A standardized process for every document

Send notices, waivers, and other lien rights documents through Levelset using formal and legally-accurate templates, with verified property research.

Notifications for important deadlines

Receive notifications for upcoming deadlines on your notices, claims, and other required paperwork so you never miss a chance to use your lien rights.

Automation for sending documents in bulk

Save hours every week by having your notices sent automatically (with preferences set for your level of oversight) on the required deadlines.

Project tracking for sending documents to protect your lien rights

Start your jobs with peace of mind

Work with trusted contractors

Review a contractor’s payment history on their Payment Profile to see how reliably they pay.

Assess potential payment risks

Stay ahead of payment problems with alerts about what’s happening with payments on your jobs.

Simplify the prequalification process

Use in-depth credit Risk Reports to review contractor credit history based on past payment disputes and other factors.

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Payment Profiles, Risk Reports, and Job Radar notifications

Simplify the waiver process

Streamline waiver requests

Give your customers access to a waiver portal with your company branding for easy waiver requesting and electronic signatures.

Send waivers with a single click

Connect to accounts receivable data on jobs in Levelset to send waivers fast and get paid even faster.

Standardize your forms

Use lawyer-approved templates for every state and fill in waivers with predetermined filters based on job factors.

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Levelset's waiver portal

Of all the platforms we’ve purchased, Levelset is the best decision that I’ve made. If you’re looking to save time and efficiency, it’s a fair price. And if you’re sending any large amount of preliminary notices, I would say it’s a no brainer.”

Louie Trujillo
Louie Trujillo
Director of Project Controls at CSI Electrical Contractors
Construction worker from CSI walking on a commercial construction job site

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